What Everyone Ought To Know About PREGNANCY YOGA

“Pregnancy yoga gave me so much more than I bargained for,” says Brenda Entwisle, mother to two children. suspension trainers “I went because I wanted some gentle exercise, and left physically and emotionally in a far greater place for the birth of my child. My personal growth and the deep bonds of friendship I forged were also important.”

Pregnancy yoga has been carefully shaped to support women that are pregnant on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Physically, it is just a powerful form of exercise that keeps you in touch with your changing body in a positive and empowering way. It encourages flexibility in your body and contains specially designed exercises directed at muscles that will assist you during birth and labor.

For the pregnancy itself, it can transform your experience from the time where you might feel discomfort and unable to do what you used to do, to a place of strength and health. Practicing yoga may ease problems such as for example tiredness, backache, anxiety, headaches and several other complaints of pregnancy.

Pregnancy yoga helps you to understand and become aware of the body. As you move and stretch into postures, you reconnect with the power of your female form, and commence to listen to and trust your wisdom. You learn valuable techniques of relaxation, and breathing techniques that will help you through labor, birth and the experience of motherhood.

Beyond a physical preparation for labor and birth, pregnancy yoga gives you the inner space to adjust to the changes of pregnancy, and the journey to motherhood. “Pregnancy yoga allowed me to invest time concentrating on me and my baby. It gave me the area to reconnect with my femininity following the rush and harshness of the working world,” says Aileen Kennaugh, mother of Kayla.

Using breath as the tool, pregnancy yoga teaches you to let your breathing flow naturally also to be familiar with its rhythm. By closing your eyes and concentrating on the cycle of inhalation and exhalation, your attention is attracted to within, to your personal inner feeling centre.

Pregnancy yoga facilitates a quiet space to tune into your own body’s needs and the needs of your unborn baby. If you let it, pregnancy slows you down and awakens your instinctive and intuitive nature, enabling you to focus on the miracle taking place in your body.

During pregnancy yoga, visualization techniques are taught that put you in touch with your memories, thoughts and images. Your body and mind react to these memories thoughts and images in the same way as physical events in real life. By becoming alert to this internal mental track, you can start to understand and deal with any negativity and choose to create and focus on positive images and thoughts. It has the potential to impact on your connection with labor and birth.

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Pregnancy yoga classes are a gathering of women all going through the same journey within their own various ways. The yoga instructor facilitates sharing in a supportive environment, and the friendships that are made can provide the support you need during the start of motherhood.

By attending pregnancy yoga classes, you’ll experience your pregnancy in a deeper way. Pregnancy yoga helps you come to understand pregnancy as a rite of passage, to integrate this knowledge into your process of change and to gradually adjust your priorities and lifestyle.

Bring your bump. Join the circle. Discover the mother you are becoming. Connect with the rhythm of the new life within you. Breathe deep, and revel in.

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